We got up early to get on our bikes. Art, Jim and I. Would be riding and Jeff was to follow us with the van. The transcontinental bike road 76 we tried yesterday on a northern loop, awaited nearby to take us south along a valley road that, according to a local cyclist, was “not too hilly” Of course we all know the value of such statement and true to form while the “hilly” was certain, the ” not too” will remain subjective. Was was definite by all accounts was the scenic beauty of the serpentine road that stretched from Troutville to Blacksburg, Virginia

The weather, this early in the morning, was a delightful cool as we pedaled easily through shaded forests and soft rolling dales bordering pastures and farmlands. The traffic was light and except for an occasional group of bird watchers, we did not cross many people till we reached Blacksburg, home of the now infamous Virginia Tech mass shooting. This is where we ate lunch and where I was treated to a local ” sampler” of micro brewery ale

Yes! All seven variety just for me.

We then drove the rest of the way to our final destination: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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