On the road again

It Didn’t take long before I got myself in motion. Only 10 days since we are back home in New York and “voilà” we hit the road again. This time it’s off to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a Gran Fondo bicycle ride. We, stands for Jim, Jeff, Art and I. The old boys travelling gang, united once again for a cycling trip, as we so often have done in the past.

This jaunt is a road trip: 892 miles each way. We rented a van since we carry our bikes. We broke up the way there in order to do some cycling on the way down there. The race is on Saturday so we left today. We planned to drive half the distance, relaying ourselves at the wheels. We left New York early to avoid rush hour traffic and managed to reach Troutville, Virginia early enough to get into a hotel and get ready for a short relaxed ride on the Bleu Ridge section of the famous Transcontinental cycle route 76

After 8 hours of driving, cycling on the winding roads of the Shenandoah valley was a welcome relief even if at time the slopes rose stronger they we would have liked. The efforts were well worth the satisfaction of finally be able to ride in very clement weather.

We finished the day with a satisfying well earned meal.

Tomorrow will see us reach North Carolina.

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