So, what’s next?

2017 will be over in a few days and looking back on it I feel proud that in spite of the constant underlying sadness that floods my heart, I was able, with the help of so many, to carry on the tasks I assumed and reached the goals I set for myself.

So what’s next?  As the new year arrives, I now get ready for the next chapter in our life, and new goals to encourage me in carrying the momentum achieved by last year’s fundraising program on behalf of Alyn Hospital.

What I have in mind is not yet finalized but already I know it will be a family project. My part in it will include some cycling and of course fundraising for some cause honoring Michele’s memory.

While I can still use my voice, I plan to continue singing in the Oratorio Society of Queens.  I was asked to join the board and accepted to serve on it and it will be an honor for me to help OSQ in every-ways I can.

Over the many years I worked out at the gym or on my bike, I realized that I do best when I set specific goals, hard to reach, but generally attainable.  With that in mind I already signed up for my first  “Grand Fondo” .  It will be an 80 miler in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in May 2018 organized by  George Hincapie.   I hope some of my friends and training partner will join me in riding it.

Well then, I do have a “next” in my horizon and I plan to share the details with those of you who follow this blog.  May you all stay well and enjoy the best the new year has to offer.   Have a Happy New Year