The day before the Event

On a gorgeous morning of a day that promises to be hot we had our southern breakfast and walked the sparsely crowded streets of downtown Chattanooga. Nice and welcoming little town, waking up very slowly on the banks of the Tennessee river, surrounded by rolling hills. No doubts, we will have to climb a few of them on our ride tomorrow.

Lazily, we reached the registration area where the “Start-Finish” of the ride will take place. There is some excitement in the air as we get our ride package, but the energy around is more the mellow milling of southern gentleness than the hustle- bustle of a New York even. We don’t mind it at all. It add to the vacation feeling of the day.

On the way back we are treated to a small town USA parade honoring the coast guards. A unique and charming experience. I could write a long chapter on what we observed there

We spend the rest of the day relaxing and touring around. Greeting arriving fellow cyclists, and Enjoying the easy going atmosphere of the town, frequently double checking the weather forecast for tomorrow’s ride, hoping the predicted rain will not reach us while we pedal.

As it stands the event features three different format: Art and Jeff are signed in for the shorter ride. Jim has transferred to the 50 miles one while I remain with the original plan of doing the Gran Fondo. I will be allowed to adjust my ambitions on the road if the weather conditions are inclement or my strength does muster up to the challenge. We shall see, tomorrow

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