Sea voyage and Air France’s strike

The news reached our email folder in the middle of the night. Air France had cancelled our flight back to Paris, disrupting our return and forcing major rescheduling of plane connection to Lourdes, last night accommodations, and car rental. All done frantically before dawn in my case and as the day went on for the rest of our group.

To show good face against misfortune and thumb our noses at French Strickers we maintained our plans to enjoy a gifted boat ride in search of Dolphins

The captain was eager to show us the spot were we could admire the dolphins and the giant turtles. The later very hard to photograph. He succeeded in style adding the possibility to jump in the water since according to those in the know, sharks do not bother swimmers in deep water where dolphins attack them mercilessly. We believed him and dove.

One by one. Yours truly being the last to take the plunge.

The dolphins must have laughed. We heard some pretty special noises from them

The sea voyage continued for awhile as we picnicked and drank rum cocktails.

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