Leaving up to our promise: The endowment Fund

namibiamicheleforwalk reduced

We said it last year when it was just a thought generated by Jean Daniel and Janine :  There must be a permanent memorial to Michele’s life and her love for the environment.  The idea was quite simple and it immediately caught our imagination and the enthusiams of everybody we spoke to:  “Lets create a permanent endowment at  Frost Valley YMCA camp up in the Catskill mountains she loved”.  When we contacted the administration at the camp we learned such a program could be created if we setup a permanent $50,000 fund.  We have up to 5 years to raise this amount of money.  This will enable  each year in perpetuity,  a child whose life has been touched by cancer, to enjoy going to camp for two weeks for free.  Finally the project has gone from thought to reality and so we are eager to start on our fundraising campaign.  The following link has been set up for making an easy donation online.                  you can click here to donate            

All donations are tax deductible.  Already contributions are coming.  As usual with us, we probably will blitz our many connections and resources.  Those who  know and love us tolerate our relentless dedication to the many causes we support and will surely understand how deeply we feel about this one


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