One by one the families are heading home. During the night those traveling to the Pyrenees left. A trip we probably might still do this summer. Others left as the day went by. Slowly, the house feels emptier even if there remains 11 of us.

To redeem our losses we finally rented a new car and headed to the famous valley of “Hell-Bourg”. Another amazing trip through marvelous landscape.

The road rises along deep gorges covered in lush green flora. The steep slopes lend themselves to dozen of waterfalls that gives a feeling of Jurassic Park. The area was the hiding place of escaped slaves in the early 1800 and to this day remains difficult to reach. I find it hard to describe the savage beauty of the place lost in the mist. Rain showers and fog alternate with the sun piercing through the clouds, revealing the high mountain tops cutting patches of blue sky like giant saw blades

Indeed the trip,forced upon us by the airlines delay, became a redemption in itself.

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