“ just when I though I was out” —— Oh well stuck in garden of Eden.

Mayhem at the airport, flights after flight are offered in one instance only to be cancelled a few hours later. After the 3 rd cancellation, each times affecting our various connections, the final offer is a trip back Sunday night connecting to our flight to NY. We had to abandon our 4 days trip to the Pyrenees to sister. We are all on edges. So many of us, 12 in total have their plans absolutely wrecked. Yesterday was nuts yet I managed to ride and not surprisingly meet somebody who knew a friend of mine from my childhood we rode together for a bit and that was the highlight of my day.

I swear he looks like Jack the Bike Yogi in USA.

To make best face against misfortune we are trying to rent a car. (Not so easy) and a bike for sure. In the meantime we are staying in a gorgeous villa next to Patrick’s on the shore.

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